Meet Arya…

The newest trouble maker addition to our family. She is supposedly part Chow and Australian Sheppard, honestly she just looks sort of like a grimlin or a tan Yoda. She just turned 17 weeks. We have had her for roughly 9 weeks now.

Arya gets her name from the elvin queen from the book Eragon, can you tell who named her? Yep, that would be my husband of course.

Arya recently got her big dog shots because she is finally 16 weeks, so I hope to start training her to run with me, well once I am over this terrible cold that is. (Red dog aka Big dog is starting to have slight hip problems, so I worry about her being able to run with me as much.) She went on her very first walk in the park and she stuck to my husbands heals like glue. She has no urge to run off or go explore, she would rather just walk with him.

She LOVES to nap…

and play with the big dog!

She spends a lot of time getting into trouble for playing too rough with the cat. Going into the kitchen to scout for food dropped while the husband is cooking. Whining while in her carrier at night. Peeing on the husbands foot (once and I resisted the urge to laugh). Scratching with her sharp puppy claws. Eating the big dogs food because she eats slower.

But she is the worlds best cuddler when you don’t feel good…


2 thoughts on “Meet Arya…

  1. I have an Australian Shepherd. They are such smart dogs. Annoying though, because they are smart enough to realize they want to do what THEY want, and what YOU want wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

    Arya is beautiful. I hope the chow part in her mellows out that aussie trait!!!

  2. They are amazingly smart dogs. And that is exactly the reason I didn't want a full blow Australian Shepherd LOL!

    Thank you. She is pretty mellow, for the most part she is content to lay on us and nap, play with the big dog outside or go for very slow and short walks.

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