Spring, Easter, Flu and a little bit of sadness…

We saw a tiny glimpse of spring this weekend. The sun was shining, the birds singing and the grass growing like crazy. I had the craziest urge to run around barefoot, roll in the grass and blow all the wishing flowers around making wishes. Spring does that to me.

The husband and I were feeling mostly human by the end of the week, so we decided to be active this weekend, get things done, enjoy the weather and not sit on the couch any longer.

Saturday we saw the beautiful day in glimpses as we drove from one errand to another. A flurry of activity, trying to get caught up on all our errands that we had missed doing for over a week now. Taking Arya to the vet because she needed her big dog shots (finally) and a check up, we switched cell phone providers to save money on our bill, went to a bank to see about opening an account, picked up the movie from Blockbuster that wasn’t in the case when we rented it the night before and a few other odds and ends. By the time we got home, we were exhausted and hadn’t gotten to enjoy any of the sun.

Sunday we went shopping for groceries and I have to say, I was very jealous of all the little girls in their Easter dresses. I remember being a little girl and begging my mom for the biggest, girliest, fluffiest dress for Easter and she obliged. I would wear that dress with pride. I would wear it for weeks afterwards. I forgot how much fun an Easter dress can be. Well until I saw all these little girls wearing theirs.

I trucked off to Wal-Mart to see if I could find a cheap Easter dress in my size, I didn’t find any that I fell in love with, adult dresses just aren’t that cute at Wal-Mart, so I was stuck wearing my jeans. Maybe next year I will plan in advance and get a nice one from somewhere else.

I love Easter, I love making baskets, dying eggs, Easter dresses, eating the ears off of chocolate bunnies and hiding eggs. I love brunch and the Easter egg hunts in my hometown. I really love Easter. I fondly remember all the Easters as a kid, the huge Easter egg hunts at the middle school, brunch with my family wearing my Easter dress. I remember when my niece and nephew were young we would celebrate Easter happily getting sun burnt and laying in the grass once all the eggs were found. Even last year my husbands niece and nephew were around, we hid eggs, bought his niece a dress and bbq’ed while catching lady bugs in the tall grass that surrounds our house in the spring.

BUT this year we all did our own thing, my sister did her own thing with her kids and my husbands family isn’t really speaking to each other. For the first Easter in a long time, I didn’t have any kids to celebrate Easter with. I only have four legged furry kids and trust me I was tempted to get them Easter baskets and little outfits, but the husband was firm when he said no.

I spent most of the day a little sad.

So in an attempt to cheer myself up and enjoy the nice weather before the rain came back this week, I took the puppy for her very first big dog walk on Sunday. It was really warm and I happily put on shorts for the walk. It felt great to get my pale legs some sun. We walked through our favorite park, Arya sticking very close to my husbands heels and Red dog running off leash ahead of us. We saw a turkey in a tree (which cracked me up big time, didn’t know they could get up there) we picked a few wild flowers and tromped through the green grass. It was great up until I realized that half way through our walk I was exhausted and that is not normal, I can usually walk for long periods of time.

I still haven’t gotten over this flu bug. Everyone keeps telling me it will take up to two weeks. So my body just isn’t ready to do any long walking or activity yet obviously. I am going crazy without being able to do my couch to 5k program or ride my bike 7+ miles or take a simple walk without getting exhausted. Finals are here and I need to be able to get some good nights of sleep instead of waking up coughing every few hours. My job is very hectic right now and I need to be able to exercise the stress out of me. I really really hate this crappy flu bug right now.

Between the puppy having an ear infection that we have to hold her down twice a day to insert drops for (that she hates), finals week approaching, final projects coming due (including one on Wednesday that I am only partially done with), work, errands, chores and still having this nasty flu bug that is simply exhausting me, I am starting to get a little over dramatic and feeling very morose. Like Eeyore. Like I need to hide away in bed. Like I am so tired of coughing I could scream. You get the point!

This year is having a rough start. Let’s hope it gets better from here on out. I don’t think I could handle anymore stress at this point.


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