Outside or inside exerciser?

It was pouring last night, literally pouring with lots of rain, so my normal running day was cancelled. I have to tell you, I am very disappointed, I was looking forward to getting up to 60 seconds of running this week. But it hasn’t stopped raining long enough on the evenings I don’t have class to get any run time, so I am stuck, feeling very morose and hating the rain. Isn’t spring supposed to be sunny and warm?

I instead watched movies with my husband and ate pizza. Not a healthy alternative I think, but it was our five year wedding anniversary, so I figured it was okay to eat pizza and it was good. Let us not discuss the donut I had this morning, but but but that was after two whole days of resisting them. Evil coworkers.

So it looks like I will just be running Friday and Sunday this week. It isn’t supposed to rain all weekend, keep your fingers crossed because I don’t really want to run in the pouring rain, but I will at this point, I am desperate to start my running program again.

Which brings me to a good point, I got asked the other day, why don’t I just get a gym membership? Well good question, I had one, I hated it.

It never failed, when I had time for the gym was right when everyone else had time for the gym as well. I would always end up stuck on the machine next to the young girl, talking on the cell phone, telling her friends about the coming up party or how hung over she was from the last one. As I would sit there, pouring down sweat, turning my mp3 player up to drown out the noise, I would wonder to myself, “why work out if you are not going to move enough to sweat or not be able to talk on the phone.” If I attempted to talk on the phone while working out it would sound like this, “hi…. gasp… how… gasp… are… gasp… you… deep breath in… blowing breath out…. gasp… ” You get the point.

I loved the elliptical, love love loved it, but sitting in one spot, moving your legs, watching TV or listening to music or reading a magazine was just a tad bit on the boring side for me. So it would never fail, I would trudge through 15 minutes of cardio then do weights. I wasn’t losing a lot of weight because I wasn’t doing a lot of cardio.

I am amazingly self conscious since I have gained weight, so working out in front of other people, some like me, some just maintaining their amazing figures, made it worse. This meant I skimped on my work out just to get out of there faster or so as not to sweat as much. It was ridiculous and I wasn’t losing any weight. I read studies and some of the best weight resistant exercises you can do, are one’s where you use your own weight. I have built in weights, woot woot.

All in all it was a waste of money each month. The truth is, I love being outdoors, I love feeling the sun on my shoulders or cool dampness of a foggy evening or morning. I love being able to exercise with my dogs. I love the change of scenery that occurs when you exercise outdoors. To me, it helps motivate me, it helps keep me going and it keeps me from only doing the bare minimum on cardio.

To me, until exercise becomes a habit, you need to do what motivates you to work out. Otherwise, you’ll hate it and walk away from it like I did.

Here are the outdoor exercises I have falling in love with so far:

  • Riding my bike to the store or library. Having a destination in mind on my bike while also concentrating on navigating the streets with cars/pedestrains, takes my mind off of the fact that I am exercising or getting tired;
  • Couch to 5k (beginners running program), at my favorite park, with my dog and husband. They push me because they are faster than me and being outdoors, in a nature type area makes for interesting running, lots of things to see like ducks and turtles;
  • Hiking to waterfalls, having the destination of a waterfall to hike to is an amazing motivator to me, it keeps me pushing myself really hard up and down hills, just to get a chance to see that beautiful waterfall and splash in the small pools of water.

Thinking of hiking, I can’t wait till the sun starts showing its face again because it also means I can start my waterfall hiking trips again. The best time to see the waterfalls is when they are still gushing from all the rains, but the roads aren’t so muddy my car can’t get to the walking trail. Can’t wait!

I am at a total loss of 5 pounds now. That feels great. It is a slow process at times but I have noticed the longer I eat healthier and exercise, the more it becomes apart of my daily life. I now have seven and a half months till my birthday in October and I was hoping for a 75 pound weight loss by then, only 70 more pounds to go!

Are you an outdoor exerciser or an indoor one?

One thought on “Outside or inside exerciser?

  1. I don't like exercise, so I prefer things that don't feel like exercise. Bike riding is great, as is hiking. I adore going to the beach along Lake Michigan and hiking up and down the dunes, etc.

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