Special Day…

Today is a special day, one I never imagined would come so soon, today is my five year wedding anniversary.

I was young when I got married, maybe not as young as some people but too young to know what I was getting into. I wasn’t sure of anything, my commitment, my soon to be husband, my heart. After two years of being engaged, with a man who was very sure of his decision, I finally made the leap into marriage in a very private way.

Because I wasn’t sure of what I was doing and frankly it scared the living crap out of me, I didn’t invite family, I didn’t wear a white wedding dress, I didn’t send out invitations or get a cake. It was just me, my husband, two witnesses (roommates at the time) and a court house clerk. I wore black. Such a weird day. Not how a wedding should be celebrated.

Most people say that your wedding day is an omen about the rest of the marriage. I say phooey, I follow the Sex in the City theory, the worst the wedding, the better the marriage.

Our marriage had a rough start, we were both stubborn, stuck in our ways and selfish. So young, so very young. We didn’t know what a healthy relationship was supposed to consist of, his parents were extremely unhealthy and mine had divorced when I was eight. We must have yelled so loud the walls shook those first couple years of marriage. We must have threatened to leave a hundred times.

But don’t worry. The last couple years have made up for it. We have learned to work together, communicate, not yell, love not hurt. He is truly, honestly, my best friend. I talk to him about everything (though sometimes he probably wishes I wouldn’t). He is my partner. He holds my hand and I feel better. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, but it isn’t so angry anymore, we have learned to reel in those bad tempers of ours. We have grown up.

He is my best cheerleader. My best supporter (besides my mom). He has been by my side through out this whole weight loss journey so far. Always up for trying something new, making suggestions on how to improve my methods. He runs with me, bikes with me and diets with me, now that is love.

So I don’t care how we got married, or how hard the beginning was, I don’t care how much we fought those first two years, I don’t care if I wore black, I don’t care that we didn’t do a big wedding with everyone invited. What I do care about is everyday waking up next to my husband, everyday building a life one step at a time, everyday working together, growing, changing and evolving.

I truly honestly love that man and I am sure of my heart now!

Five years, wow, here is to many many more!


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