Day two… SUCCESS…

Thought I would emerge from my school books long enough to give an update on my second day of my beginners running program.

I have to say, it was much better than the first. The first day I managed 30 second runs with 90 seconds of walking and only 20 minutes, including a 5 minute walking warm up. You can read about it more here!

Anyways my second day was yesterday and I’ll be honest, it was hard motivating myself to get out there. It was wet, it was cold, it was still raining off and on, it was miserable. But eventually I got my butt out of the house and to my favorite park. I started off slow but then started listening to my new running play list and was able to start convincing my body to move faster. By the time the five minute warm up was done, I was ready to run.

I managed 45 second runs with 90 seconds of walking. I also was able to keep it up the whole time. My first run was 60 seconds and my last run was 69 seconds. I pushed hard and it felt good. My knee’s hurt a little and of course my ankles complained, but all in all it felt really good. I walked away from there sore, but feeling really great about my second day of my beginners running program.

Here is what I have learned so far about learning to run:

  • Everyday do what you can, even if it isn’t what you had scheduled or is in your running plan.
  • Kick ass music is a must (well at least for me it is).
  • Getting past the blah’s is the hardest part, once you are out there, it feels great to be moving.
  • Always have awesomely motivating running buddies, mine is my husband and big dog.
  • Always pep talk yourself in your head, it really helps to get you out there and moving!
  • Don’t smoke, it kills your breathing when you run, it feels great to run without smoke clogging your lungs.
So that is what I have learned so far. Today will my third day of my beginners running program, I am hoping for 60 seconds runs mixed with 90 seconds walks, that way I can start week two on Tuesday! Oh btw, I am also a non smoker.. hooray!
How are you feeling this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Day two… SUCCESS…

  1. I keep hearing that and I would have to agree. But I am hoping this beginners running program I am doing will help train me physically and mentally. I figure if I ever start to hate it, I will just move on to bike riding (which I love) and/or something else.

    Thank you for stopping by and encouraging, it helps!

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