Day one down…

So yesterday marked my first day of my beginners running program. (If you are a little lost, check out my previous blog posting here!) I have to say it wasn’t a complete success but it wasn’t an epic fail either. I got home, put on my sweats, laced up my shoes, realized I looked like an idiot because my sweats shrank, gave up caring, suited the big dog up in her jacket, harness and leash, then patiently waited for the hubby to get ready. It was a bad day at work yesterday and I needed to get some stress off my shoulders, or else I was going to get cranky.

So we started off with our five minute warm up, then added a few minutes when the big dog made us stop so she could use the facilities (I feel so proper). Then started the run/walking alterations. I only lasted 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds of running. So we changed the first day up a little, made it 30 seconds of running, with 90 seconds of walking.

By 15 minutes in my calf’s were burning. Two problems, one I didn’t stretch enough and two I hadn’t been paying attention to my body mechanics while at work. That is a huge problem in my world. If I don’t pay attention to how I am sitting, I end up putting my ankles in a weird position, tightening up all my leg muscles, which causes a lot of pain for me. Additionally, we hadn’t planned the route well so we ended up at the house within 20 minutes. Next run on Saturday will be a little better planned.

So to add a little oomph to our cardio, because this is the only day during the work week I can actually exercise, we rode our bikes a few times around the neighborhood as well.

What was nice was the rain didn’t seem to both any of us. We just trudged along. My breathing wasn’t too bad with running, so for once I wasn’t wheezing and my pants stayed on, woot woot. I am hoping by this weekend to be able to do the 6o seconds of running alterations with 90 seconds of walking. Must remember, stretch more, pay attention to how I am sitting at work.

It felt good to get out there and moving again after three weeks off.

To make the night even better, I also got all my Torts homework done, with the puppies help of course, who chewed on my pen and did a happy dance all over my papers. Ate an interesting dinner of baked potatoes, baked zucchini and a fruit salad. I really wanted to squeeze in as much nutrients as I could into one dinner. Then got some down time on the couch. I love Tuesdays. Tuesday nights I don’t have class and I get a taste of what a non student life feels like.

Anything new that you are trying lately? Any running stories to tell or exercise mishaps?


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