When is it too much…

Yesterday I noticed my niece was missing from my friends list on Facebook. So I texted her, asked what happened. Her reply, she was spending too much time on it so she deleted it. Wow, what an amazingly smart little girl.

She discovered what even most adults haven’t discovered about social networks. They are great great way to check in with friends, feed our ego’s and discover new things about each other instantly. But they are addicting, you can start spending entirely too much time on them, consumed by them, until you are checking it on your phone, work computer and at home. You start to update your status a few times a day, you are starting to update people on every little thing you are doing, places you are going and games you are playing.

That can be dangerous.

Wouldn’t it be better to just go out and live your life?

Our generation is a computer generation, that has never bothered me. We blog, we Facebook, we Twitter, we Pininterest, we share, gossip and communicate with people via the computer or our smart phones. It is nice to be able to see what is going on in your friends life without having to call. I even get shocked when people choose not to share big news on social networks.

The older generation doesn’t understand it. Some are anti computer to the extremes. Some are on the social networks but only maybe update their status once in a blue blue moon. They are baffled by my generations fascination with sharing our lives so openly. They often think we update our statuses too much.

In my opinion there is a balance. A healthy balance. Checking your social networks, posting an update, even as much as once a day, if you have something interesting to say, is fine in my book. Posting pictures. Recording exciting moments. Sharing some humor. Even bragging a bit, can all be healthy in my opinion. We are all a little narcissistic.

Where the danger zone is and I have experienced this first hand is getting involved in the drama or letting the social networks become your life. Or even over sharing. Or living through the computer and not living your life. After all, in order to have statuses to post, you need to have a life.

I often enjoy going camping because I don’t have the compulsion to check my phone or internet, I can hike, laugh, be completely unattached from all communication or updating, no guilt, no strings. 

This is all one persons opinion though. Sometimes it works for people to be that involved in their social networks and I am not here to judge. It is after all, your social network, not mine. 

As for me, well at one point I got too involved in Facebook. Choosing to feed the drama, get stressed out over it and talk about it constantly. It was a little too scary how much I was letting it consume my life. So I distanced myself from it all. Forced myself to not be so involved in it. Be more involved in my life.

Now a days I probably check my Facebook once or twice a day on my work computer, usually on my lunch or late in the afternoon. I took it off my phone. I try to only update my status a couple times a week, sometimes I post funny pictures, sometimes I post a few extra times. 

Instead I choose to check my blogs more often, read yahoo news when I need a short break and look up fun recipes or crafts to try. It was what I needed to do, distancing myself without completely getting rid of it, because I do enjoy my family and friends on there.

I am proud of my niece. At her age it is hard to recognize when you are on a social network too much because it is normal. If she felt she needed to delete her account because she was on it too much, more power to her. I will just have to call her more often.

I love being an Auntie to such amazing kids.

How do you feel about social  networks?


2 thoughts on “When is it too much…

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with them. As an introvert, it's a much more comfortable way for me to connect with people when I'm not up to socializing, and it's a wonderful way to keep up with what's going on with long-distance friends and relatives.

    But it's far too easy to overdo the amount of time spent.

  2. It is such a courageous thing to do as they are so additive. I find that I have to either remove myself from them, discipline myself not to go on them. I like the idea of removing FB from your phone. I love being out of contact, but am drawn to being in contact. The catch 22 of it as it can take away from “real life” and time

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