How to enjoy the Flu…

On Wednesday, in the middle of my mid term, my head suddenly started pounding and my cheeks turned bright red. After spending most of the night shivering so hard my teeth rattled and feeling like an energizer bunny without his batteries, I succumbed to the fact I had the flu.

So I trudged home, curled up on the couch and shivered myself to sleep, till I had to take my mid term. Where I sat for two hours, in a classroom full of students, sweating so hard I had stains under my arms, droplets on my forehead and my lower back reminded me of a swamp. Definitely not one of my sexier moments indeed.

By Friday I decided I would stay at home, where I couldn’t sweat on anyone (well except the husband and the animals) or bight anyone’s head off for looking at me wrong. I couldn’t sleep because my body isn’t accustomed to naps, sick or not, so I watched TV. Hoarders to be exact. Curiosity got the best of me.

I proceeded to watch and watch, my horror growing with each episode, trash piles as tall as the ceilings, bugs, rats and kids crawling over mountains of junk to get to their rooms. Suddenly half way through Friday I had this crazy urge to jump up, dizzy or not and start cleaning all the cupboards and closets out. The husband even started doing the dishes, without being asked, because the thought of too many dishes stacking up horrified him.

So I cleaned. I turned off the TV and cleaned my house. Scrubbing the spots off the carpet, almost passing out twice from dizziness, sweating profusely and my husband trying to convince me to get back into bed. It is funny how a TV show can suddenly spark a flame in you.

Now my house is clean, sometimes the clothes stack up, sometimes I don’t do the dishes before bed, or sweep or vacuum, but seriously, most of the time it is clean. It stays organized. I recently went through the worst closet in the house and threw away four trash cans worth of junk, but after watching that show I got a little paranoid to say the least.

Well until the flu forced be back unto the couch, where I decided to watch something else for a bit.

Finally by Saturday my fever broke, it was a warm beautiful spring day, so I sat outside studying while the husband bbq’d, then enjoyed a game of Life with some friends (yes literally, the game of Life). Sunday was just as beautiful, I took my coffee outside, swept the patio, played with the pups, watered the flowers and then realized the husband was running a fever.

Poor guy. He appears to now have what I had. I really do feel bad about this one.


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