One very annoying voice inside my head…

Motivation. I talk about it a lot because it baffles me, almost as much as love. I don’t understand how some people can be super motivated and some people can be the extreme opposite.

I have always been told to listen to my body, but my body is highly confused. On the one hand it doesn’t particularly like exercising, it hurts or no sugar because well sugar tastes good, but on the other hand it whines, moans and groans about being so big as well. Sheesh body, make up your darn mind.

I have a voice inside my head (gosh that sounds creepy), it is the voice that I often have arguments with over exercising, eating right, going to work and working up the energy to go to school. I call it my excuses voice. It comes up with rational reasons I can’t do certain things or why I should just give myself a day off.

I have noticed this voice gets really really loud when a few different things are going on, lack of sleep, smoking (cigarettes) and stressful situations.

It is almost like during times of little sleep, smoking and stress, I can’t seem to convince my body to listen to anything but that stupid annoying voice.

The really hard part, getting eight hours of sleep. Once I am asleep I am asleep, but getting myself to go to bed before 12am is well difficult. Especially on the nights I have work and class, after a whole day of being responsible all I want to do is eat dinner in front of the TV watching one of my shows until I realize whoops lost track of time, animals need feeding, Red dog needs walking and it is already 11:45 pm.

Now I know that I feel better when, I sleep consistently eight hours every night, keep the same sleeping schedule even on the weekends, exercise, eat healthy and get my homework done/chores before they all get too overwhelming. See I know all this, but I am really good at the one more, one more cigarette, one more hour, one more piece of candy, one more lazy day, etc.

The question I have been asking myself over and over again, is how to other people shut this voice up, or how do they stop from slipping time and time again into bad habits? Got any ideas? How about you, how do you motivate yourself?


2 thoughts on “One very annoying voice inside my head…

  1. I'm not very good at self-motivation either. It's so easy to say “one more won't hurt”. I've had luck a few times though… once was the “I'll show her” reaction when my mom called me plump. another was a contest at work that I signed up for, where i had to log my exercise time, count steps I walked, etc. and the other is setting up to meet someone to work out with, though that one didn't last long since I PREFER to work out alone.

    I know some people set goals and rewards. My niece loves to weigh herself regularly to see how she is doing, so last fall, a friend took her scale away for 6 weeks. I think she had to do something specific or she didn't get to keep it. Buying a new outfit if you lose xxx lbs by a given date or exercise xxx hours in the next month. Whatever reward motivates you enough to keep going.

    Mostly, for me, what works the best is telling as many people as possible what the goal is. The more people who know, the more pressure you have to stick to it. No one wants to have to answer “how's it going” with the response “I made and ate an entire batch of brownies yesterday.”

  2. I love it when you feel like you have something to prove and it motivates you to do something positive. I just don't like it when it motivates me to do the opposite lol!

    Rewards is a good idea, I will have to think of some great rewards for myself.

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