The desk blues…

I have a love hate relationship with my desk. Lately it has been mostly a hate relationship. Which is sad, because as a kid I would play office worker for hours. I would pretend to answer phones, type on the computer, shuffle papers, acting very important.

Since those young days of imagination I have held down several jobs. Fast food manager, hotel front desk clerk, clothing salesperson, the list really does go on and on. Finally one day after many rough starts in my career, I chose what I thought would be the perfect career for me, something that interests me, stimulates my mind and revolves around a Monday-Friday work schedule.

So far I have loved it. Except currently I am hating my desk. I never sit right, so by the end of the day I end up with very sore legs, sore ankles and a stiff feeling from my back down to my toes. As I type right now I can feel my butt getting sore and my lower back crying out in protest.

It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t spend three hours in the evenings sitting at another desk at school.

I often catch myself staring out the windows, wondering how the lucky people escaped the desk and thinking how nice it would be to put my headphones on and go for a walk.

My current sanity is bringing my pink mp3 player to work and walking around the business complex for ten minutes, eating than begrudgingly going back to my desk. Some days it is unbearable. Who thought sitting could hurt so much?

Today I have homework, so no walk for me. I am trying to placate my body by promising to get up before work next week and walk at least twice. I don’t think it is going for it.

In other news, I have managed to stay on my healthy eating spree. Today’s snacks were roasted pumpkin seeds, kiwi and string cheese. Lunch is a whole bunch of veggies because I ran out of salad dressing, must remember to buy two next shopping trip. I am on my second glass of water and managed to remember to bring my multi vitamin.

How do you cope when you have to sit all day? Any tricks?


3 thoughts on “The desk blues…

  1. You're right, too much sitting can be almost as tough as too much standing. Ergonomics make a huge difference. Things that have helped me:
    – Adjust the chair height several times a day… shifting position can help. If your chair has armrests, do not use them. They tend to hold your shoulders up and cause upper back tension. Let your shoulders and elbows hang freely.
    – If you use a computer keyboard, make sure it is slightly lower than your elbows when your arms hang down, to avoid upper back stress too.
    – Always use good posture. Try getting one of the kneeling chairs. Those can really make a difference, because you HAVE to practice good posture. You can't slouch on those!
    – Get up and walk or stretch every hour or two. Do some yoga stretches during your lunch time and breaks.
    – Keep a food rest under your desk. Move it around to shift leg positions.

    Good job on the eating front! I try to keep fat free cottage cheese around, to use instead of salad dressing. It just makes salads taste more like food to me. Plus you can put it in the blender, add just enough skim milk so it'll blend smooth, and use it instead of sour cream in dip recipes, etc. I love making fat free veggie dip for snacking!

  2. Great suggestions! I am going to try adjusting my chair a few times a day and try to remember to keep my posture good through out the day. And I love love love the idea of getting up every hour to stretch, must remember that one! Food rest, why yes that would be silly LOL!

    Hmm.. cottage cheese instead of dressing, worth a try I say.

    Again thank you for all the great suggestions!

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