Ready to set my course…

My weekend flew by. How about yours?

I hate when you have had an uneasy feeling for awhile and can’t put your finger on it. Well this weekend, I finally put my damn finger on it.

Part of my crazy brains requirements is, I always have to have a direction, a mission, a goal to work towards, or else I become like a kid in a candy store, darting around with no real purpose. I get bored and lazy. I get overwhelmed.

I am one of those crazy people that make to-do lists with items such as, take walk or go to bed early, just so I won’t forget, well that and it is an easy mark off, which makes me feel accomplished.

Since the end of last year, I have been asking myself what to do after graduation? I have been pouring everything into graduating for so long, I didn’t think about after graduating college. Do I go for my BA, do I take time off, do I throw myself into starting a family? All these questions were buzzing around my head, over and over again, driving me a little insane.

It was overriding getting healthy, getting my finances together, helping my husband get his degree (a year after I get mine, poor guy) and concentrating on school. It made me feel unsettled, off balance, almost like I wanted to post pone my graduation date just so I could have more time to prepare for it (because two years was obviously not enough time, sarcasm intended).

I have friends who tell me to move closer to them after graduating and family with their opinions, I love these people, I love their suggestions. But it always seemed it was what they wanted me to do, not what I wanted to do. I think I feel I am old enough, prepared enough, ready enough to finally listen to my inner voice.

So I asked her, what she wanted.

She chose the ocean. Odd choice I know, but let me explain. I miss the ocean, I grew up with salty air and cool breezes. I hate this hot 100 degree summers and dry climate. I am ready to walk my dog on the beach again, see the beautiful blueness out my window and smell the fresh air.

The problem, I can’t move back home. There aren’t any jobs and more importantly well I don’t want to.

So instead we chose a town that has appealed to us for years. In two years we want to pay off our debt, put money in savings, get both of our degree’s and move by the ocean again.

See direction. A goal. I have laid out all the little goals to get to the big goal, kind of like a weight loss plan.

Now I can graduate without freaking out.

Life is going to change but what I always forget is, I get to make the changes, not anyone else and at some point I have to start living it my way.

Any big changes coming up for you?


4 thoughts on “Ready to set my course…

  1. Oh wow. Congratulations on setting a direction. I myself am just now starting to set concrete plan/goals for my hubby and I. It feels better with a goal in site, even if it may not be what everyone else wants for me.

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