Hello high heels…

Yesterday I decided to pull out my high heels, not my low heels or medium heels, my high heels. I found them at the Burlington Coat Factory a few months ago and if you have ever attempted to find shoes in that place you can sympathize with me. Mounds, literally mounds of mismatched shoes and crazy heels.

Anyways, I found them, tried them on and suddenly had visions of long legs, a graceful swish as I walk and them looking good with jeans, slacks or skirts.

I have worn them twice.

The reality is, I am a klutz. Not your garden variety klutz that runs into things (I do that as well), I can manage to stand in one spot, perfectly still and the world will tilt on me, causing me to lose my balance. I am that talented. It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable in my medium heels, I don’t know why I thought high heels would be a good idea.

So yesterday, I got brave, I wore a skirt to work and decided why not wear the high heels? I did good at first, my ankle only gave out once while on uneven ground. Then my ankles got tired and I started walking around with my butt cheeks clenched very tight, in hopes that it would help. I can’t imagine how it looked to other people, I tried not to think about it too much.

Luckily I brought flats in my car, after three stumbles in front of my boss, very sore ankles and one very sore knee later, I was ready to switch them out.

That will teach me. Maybe I need to wear them around the house some more before I take these babies on the road again.

This week I am contemplating exercise. I feel like my weight loss is going a little slow because of school. During the week I don’t exercise at all, well except if you count walking between buildings and running to the back office 50 times a day. I literally run from work to school to home and collapse in bed exhausted.

I am also contemplating becoming a runner. I have thought about it a million times but I am just not sure how to break through my mental block. Anyone else have to break through a mental block to become a runner? Tips please?

Ever have a wardrobe malfunction or shoes/clothes that you love but have a hard time pulling off?


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