Quick hello…

I have had a good weekend, even with the stress of quitting smoking and other things, it is still been a nice weekend.

Saturday the weather was beautiful, temperatures in the 60’s, sun shinning and no breeze in sight. We took our nine year old dog on an hour and a half walk through the wetlands. We climbed a few big gnarly tree’s (yes climbed, like children) and laughed at the ducks waddling their way through the tall grass. It was one of those walks where we were just happy to be there, with each other, walking our dog. 
Our dog has become very accustomed to being walked on the weekends, she absolutely gets super excited the minute we are out of bed. On our walks she is so busying darting from scent to scent she doesn’t even bother to act her age. You would think we have a puppy again!
After our walk, we got home, took a couple hours off to eat lunch, then rode our bikes to the local library (where the kind librarian let me pick up my books without having an ID). It was also my first time riding my bike on a busy public street with other cars. I did pretty well. No one hit me and I didn’t flip anyone off, I would say that was an accomplishment.
To end the night we went to a friends house where we were fed the most amazing food. I am talking about home made onion rings, french fries, artichoke dip, chicken wings and chocolate yummies. I think I seriously gained five pounds but it was so very much worth it. 
The girls enjoyed Baileys milk shakes (Baileys alcohol with ice cream, blended all up in a to die for drink), while the boys enjoyed Jack and Coke (yuck). I volunteered for sober driver, so as you can guess, I had only one and drank like seven glasses of water. 
By the time the night was through I had laughed so much my belly hurt (plus I had gotten the hiccups several times) and the husband was a little wobbly on his feet. So wobbly in fact that when we got home and were standing outside to let the dog out he knocked my poor phone on the ground. This caused spider web cracks to spread up and down the touchscreen. It is usable, but I have ordered a replacement (yay for insurance).
Today has been your all around typical day, a little bit of homework, a walk with the dog, a long bike ride by the levee and some football. Yes I am a Superbowl fan. But only Superbowl, plus the boss promised a pizza party if the Giants won, guess who won? 
Anyways, I rode hard around the levee but I was feeling it in every inch of my legs. I was very sore this morning when I woke up. I am noticing that I feel worse when I don’t ride or walk or both, so even though it hurts, I still force myself to get out there and move, even for just a little bit. 
I have gone three whole days without a cigarette. I have barely thought about it, except for those few odd times of the day where I will remember that I usually smoke around that time. I honestly feel really good about it, though I have to admit it still seems kind of intimidating to be a non smoker.
I have also managed to lose five pounds in the last couple of weeks and keep them off. 
It would appear I am back on track again and feeling good about it. Now it is time to watch a movie, work on my nieces scarf a little, then put myself in bed early.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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