WoW… The nature of place…

Authors Note: The Write on Wednesday Spark – The nature of place: Think about a place in nature that feels special to you. Perhaps it is somewhere you visited as a child. Or maybe you share a special outdoor space with your own children. This place, this space will be your prompt for this week’s writing exercise. Write about a particular natural geography, a natural place or space close to your heart. Tell us about the weather, the land form , the creatures who live there, what the place means to you and why. You can write prose fiction, poetry, non-fiction and/or a photographic narrative. You might mix the landscape with a personal story. Wherever the prompt take you…Let us peek into your place. *I picked a few because I couldn’t chose just one!*

I remember as a child discovering little strange creatures living in tiny puddles of salt water. I would giggle as little fish swam around and scream when the crabs came out to play. I would stick my fingers in the donuts, watching them slowly close themselves back up. I loved the tide pools, even though I had to slip and slide across seaweed covered rocks just to get to them. The salty air would whip against my face, tangling my blonde locks and making my cheeks turn bright red.

As a teenager, I would trek across the beach to get to my favorite tide pools, sheltered between huge rocks and cliffs. I could scramble up the cliff’s rocky side if the tide came in, but until then I loved crouching by the small pools, sitting patiently, waiting for the life to come out from hiding. I learned patience would come with a big reward sitting by those pools.

As I bloomed into my late teens, the forest became my friend. The dark, damp, cold, green areas comforted me. I would spend hours hiking in the giant redwoods and making my own paths through the old and wise tree’s. Sometimes I would discover a small stream, I would eagerly take my shoes off to dangle my toes in the cool waters. When it started to rain, the tree’s would protect me and I could continue walking till I was damp and shivering from the cold.

When I moved back home in my early twenties, temporarily for nine months, my then fiance and I would spend hours hiking through the forest with the dog happily jumping over big ferns and ducking under fallen tree’s. We would separate our time between walking on the beach and walking through the forest. We wanted to spend as little time as possible at his Dad’s trailer.

The city became my home six years ago and I kept finding myself dreaming of the tide pools and cold redwood forests of my hometown over and over again. I missed the connection with nature I had there.

So I became determined to discover some nature in the city.

Now in the winter, my favorite place is a small park in the middle of the city. It is considered wetlands and I love it when the big basin fills up with water. Ducks, turtles and all kinds of critters suddenly appear, making the walk interesting. Tucked into the back trails, where people rarely go are blankets and homeless camps. I hate the litter thrown around by the disrespectful people. It is just one big circle, but the tree’s are thick and my dog can run off leash.

In the summer, I drive an hour away to the forest again. But not the big redwoods in my hometown. I walk up a well known path, that has been trekked by hundreds of people and end up in a tree oasis surrounding a man made waterfall. Here there is green. The pools of water are full of very slippery rocks and when you look up all you see is tiny green leafs letting through patches here and there of sun.

I could dangle my toes in the water, staring up through those leafs for hours.

Nature has always been a huge part of my life and I don’t know what I would do without being able to walk through the tree’s, smell the fresh air and visit the ocean from time to time.


19 thoughts on “WoW… The nature of place…

  1. This is a wonderful piece, and I love how you described having nature around you your whole life. As you changed, so did the things you found comfort in, but it was always natural and beautiful. Great job!

  2. I love the sense of evolution in this piece; how nature means something slightly different to you at different points in your life, and how you managed to find a way to connect to it no matter how your environment changed.

  3. I liked how you adapted to your environment, finding green in the most ungreen places. I also liked how you used VERY descriptive language, and I could clearly “see” in my mind's eye what you were talking about!

  4. Thank you! I think it is important to have nature around you in some form, whether you go for walks in it, hike in the summer or visit the ocean every once in awhile. Nothing beats smelling fresh air and seeing all the animal/plant life out there.

  5. I can so relate ( as you know from reading my piece – thanks for the kind words!). Places like this sustain us, re-energise us… So happy you found somewhere in your city to make do until you can get back to those glorious redwoods

  6. Ah, FASM. I feel like we have haunted the same places in nature somehow. I love the free-flowing nature (no pun intended) of this piece, walking us through time and your life and your favorite places. Lovely.

    –Feisty C

  7. This was well done, I liked the growth, the way you changed and so did your special place but not the importance it held. A lovely vivid piece of nature writing. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  8. What a clever use of the ages and stage of your relationship with nature, culminating in seeking it out where you can from a city based! Well done!

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