It is not a Grammy…

But I still feel amazingly honored. Thanks to K.D. Storm at A Coffee Driven & Adventure Bound Life, I received this:

A shiny virtual badge for me to show off. Love it! So I am participating and passing this fantastic badge to a few other blogs with under 200 followers. Take a look at them, if you like what you see become a follower and comment:
1. Feisty Cat– Amazing blog, full of humor and honesty. Well written. Unique.
2. Can’t Touch that-I am a Germaphobe– Makes me think and cracks me up with her interesting views.
3. People Don’t Eat Enough Fudge-  Great sense of humor, brilliant honesty and a little bit of seriousness thrown in as well.
4. BowerBird Blue- Seriously sweet and crafty blog.
Of course don’t forget to check out the blog that nominated me!

2 thoughts on “It is not a Grammy…

  1. Thank you FASM. I never know what to do with these awards. I am dismal at copying and pasting pictures or buttons or anything graphic really so I don't even know how to put them on my blog.

    I am also dismal at remembering how important it is to keep checking out, and supporting, other blogs. It's too easy to be a self-absorbed blogger. So, note to self: read other blogs! Now! Do it!

    YOUR blog is a treat. Keep writing. Keep winning awards. Keep doing what you do.

    -Feisty Cat

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