Skinny pants…

Do you have a pair of skinny pants? I had a pair of skinny pants.

No, I am not talking about the newest fashion craze, the tight pants that look like you need liposuction just to get into. Uh uh, no way.

I am talking about those jeans, that you have shoved in the back of a drawer or closet. These jeans are at least three to more sizes too small. They are either your before marriage, kids and fast food took over your body jeans or a skinnier friend gave them to you because they were WAY too big for her jeans. They taunt you at times, tempting you to try to slip them on and usually this results in huffing, puffing, sweating and finally tossing them back in the dark recess of the closet.

I finally got rid of mine. Here is why:

I try not to negative talk myself. It doesn’t do any good. I think I have amazing eyes, beautiful hair and I love being on the taller side. But I am not a fan of the extra weight that has seemed to gathered in masses around my mid section and thighs.

So keeping a pair of skinny pants, that I might never fit into seemed a little negative to me. Every time I would try them on and they wouldn’t fit, I would get miserable and start hunting for chocolate or ice cream. Which would do the complete opposite of what I wanted.

Shouldn’t my goal be to feel better, not fit into skinny jeans? Feeling better, being healthier shouldn’t always revolve around a number on a scale or smaller clothes, it should also revolve around how you feel, do you have more energy, do you like what you see?

It was liberating to throw out those pants I had been holding unto for so long. From now on I will not be taunted by a pair of too small pants. From now on I will dictate the success of my weight loss by how I feel. Though I don’t think I can give up the scale just yet.

Are your skinny pants good motivation or just depressing?


8 thoughts on “Skinny pants…

  1. My skinny pants just make me feel this huge sense of guilt. I can't fit into them, I think of the last time I did fit into them and I'm usually overwhelmed by sadness and guilt for not doing more to get back into them.

  2. I just went shopping over the weekend for some clothes that would fit this slightly bigger version of me, because I find that when clothes fit comfortably and make me look my best, I am more inspired to want to look even better. When I wear clothes that are uncomfortably tight and make me have bulges where they shouldn't be, I feel depressed, which just makes me want to crawl in bed and hide.

    So I'm keeping the normal clothes as long as I have hope of wearing them again. But for now, I'm sticking to wearing what is comfortable.

  3. Most people would hold on to them, thinking 'one day I will fit into them!'

    But I admire your attitude towards it..get rid of them. Don't focus on being the old you, all over again. Work towards a new, improved, healthier you.

    GM x

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