Finding your motivation…

Finding your motivation to get up and exercise, especially on your weekends, especially when you work hard during the week, can be slightly hard.

Okay, let me be honest, it can be seriously hard. It usually involves an inner dialogue that resembles an old married couple bickering.

“But my dear, we need to get up and exercise, it is healthy.” “What do you care, we can exercise later, we have all day.” “If you don’t do it now, you won’t do it.” “Oh shut up and go back to sleep.” Etc. You get the idea.

For years my motivation was seriously lacking, it probably ran away with my self control and size 12 pants. They were all probably sitting by some tropical beach sipping margaritas. Instead procrastination and doubt filled my head. I became amazingly good at talking myself out of anything that resembled exercise.

Now, I feel like yet again, I have found my motivation.

It started with a few waterfalls last summer. I became determined to spend as many weekends as I could hiking to waterfalls. Something about the small pools of water and tree oasis, kept me walking, kept me searching for the next waterfall to hike to.This lead to many days spent driving an hour or so to a dirt trail and turning it all into an adventure. One that resulted in a good amount of exercise and a little bit of embarrassment from being so out of shape.

But now it is winter. Winter can make it hard to keep the motivation alive, especially when it wants to go into hibernation with the bears. Most days it seems to dreary to go for a walk or a bike ride. The thought of getting wet or muddy just makes me want to roll back over in bed and go to sleep.

So the last few weekends it has been somewhat of a fight to get out of bed, especially since it has been rainy, wet and windy.

My want to do better, be better, pushed this girl out of bed though. Also having a dog that seriously loves getting a walk, helps. How can you not be motivated by a wagging tail and silly grin on your dogs face?

I am glad I did get out of bed though, each morning, each walk, it has been worth it. We have found some great paths weaving through lots of tree’s, next to small streams and loops around natures filtration system, wetlands.

The wildlife we get to see walking through that small park has been amazing.

The ducks were enjoying the wetlands being full after a few days of rain. The turtle seemed a little lost and far away from it friends.

With coffee cups in hand, the dog decked out in her winter coat and the humans dressed up in sweats, we explored, walked and even raced each other to the next tree or bridge. Laughing at how excited our nine year old dog can still get over a bird or an interesting scent, chatting easily with each other about work, school and life.

Later in the day, after the dog had her breakfast and bath, the husband and I packed up our bikes. We rode through puddles, got mud all over us and ignored the small rain drops falling all around us.

Slowly I am finding my motivation to exercise again. It came to me in the form of a green bike, a small park and my happy dog. The results, feeling better, slowly losing weight and a much happier husband.

Now I look forward to getting out of bed at 8:00 am, loading up the dog in the car, getting two cups of coffee and than getting to smell the fresh morning air. I look forward to the weekends I can spend happily walking those paths, over and over again. Those walks have become my salvation, my motivation and my break from the real world.

Maybe one day I will even get to the point where I can run those paths.

How do you find the motivation to get up and exercise?


2 thoughts on “Finding your motivation…

  1. Dear FASM,

    You've changed your blog!

    I'm just getting caught up on reading all the blogs I've missed this past week. Great WoW posting, btw.

    My motivation is cookies! And I am only sort of kidding.

    –Feisty Cat

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