The stories a tree could tell… WoW…

Authors Note: The Write on Wednesday spark: The stories a tree could tell.Take a look at the above photo (by Story). Use it to inspire your Write on Wednesday post. Keep your post on the short side: up to 500 words OR a 5 minute stream of consciousness exercise. Link your finished piece to the list and begin popping by the other links in the list. Enjoy! You can check it out here!

Winters in my hometown meant big storms. Strong gusts of winds blowing around our tall and proud Redwood tree’s. The ocean waves would get huge, making horrible pounding noises. The rain would drench the soil and loosen up tree roots. Causing the tree’s to topple over, blocking roads and smashing houses, power lines and cars. I use to watch the storm, amazed, imagining that some God was angry and throwing a giant tantrum.

As a kid I would wake up the morning after a big storm and run to the power switch, saying a little prayer before flipping it to the on position. If the light turned on, I had to get ready for school, if it didn’t, I got a free day to spend in my pajamas, reading or playing with friends down the street.

As I got older, I would walk the local beaches after a big storm. I use to watch the waves bring in debris, pieces of trees and huge wads of seaweed. I would take deep breathes of the fresh, salty air and stare at the dark clouds on the horizon.

I was always somewhat relieved to see the wind die down, the waves get smaller and watch the dark clouds roll away. I would feel like a survivor for that moment. The mist would cling to my hair and clothes, as I would stroll across the wet sand inspecting the damage.

I miss the ocean. I miss the fresh salty air. I miss cooler temperatures and the sound of the waves hitting the sand at night. I miss the big storms, wind roaring through the tree’s and being able to hike through the big tall tree’s whenever I wanted to. I miss the smell of the forest and exploring trails with my dog running ahead sniffing everything.

But I honestly don’t think I will ever go back, except just to visit those tall tree’s and mysterious ocean.


12 thoughts on “The stories a tree could tell… WoW…

  1. I loved that! So nice to read some non-fiction too. I love the descriptions of the beach and the salty air. I love the coast! You've inspired me to get WOWing again for the year:)

  2. You got the point so good. I almost like I am at the coast where I spend most of my early years.( okay no redwoods at the northsea ;-)) you can tell such nice, i bet i could listen/read it much longer

  3. Thank you everyone for the amazingly lovely comments. I saw the picture and just instantly knew I wanted to write about my home town. I love taking a little piece of my past or childhood and sharing it in these WoW pieces every once in awhile. Glad that you guys enjoyed it so much!

  4. So beautiful to read! I completely know what you mean about feeling like a survivor after the big storm has passed, however I never quite knew how to articulate that feeling. Thanks for putting it into words for me x

  5. I so enjoyed reading this, it was a great little insight into a different place and a different time – one of your best, I think. You must suit this style of writing?! It's funny, it could have been fiction, it could have been the start of a book and yet I knew it was a real piece of your life all the same. This is exactly why I'm trying to take WoW in a new direction, encourage people to write other styles, it doesn't have to be about fiction. I'm facebooking a link to this on the Ink Paper Pen FB page!

  6. @Donna.. you are very welcome. It was a feeling I always had as a kid, watching the big tree's sway overhead during the storm, even hear tree's crashing in the forrest, made me relieved when it was finally over and I could shake the images of a tree falling on me.

    @InkPaperPen.. I am so honored, thank you very much. I find my best pieces come from honesty, truth and somewhere deep inside. I am very glad you are taking WoW in a new direction, it will be great to be pushed out of our comfort zones and try new styles of writing.

    @Spring days, new growth… Thank you!

  7. I loved your description of being a little kid flipping the light switch! I could feel the anticipation of the light and the hope that the room would stay dark. 🙂

  8. oh, boy, am i loving the visual you've provided of the beach… even on a blustery day….

    i've never lived at the beach, but visit as often as possible to walk, even on cold days….

    great post.


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