School vacation…

In kid world the winter vacation means two weeks of sleeping in, playing video games and doing whatever kids do. Maybe even a small vacation with the family.

In adult world, winter vacation means we make a list of EVERYTHING we need to get done during this week. We call them our “projects.”

I am no different, I made a list (my husband says I have a serious list problem) of all the “projects” I wanted to get done over my week off of school, this list contained everything I was going to get accomplished. It ranged from important stuff like, get homework done and unimportant stuff like, remove nail polish on toes. Out of the ten things on my list, I have only managed to cross off three.

See I had this image in my head, being able to come home after an eight hour day at work and throw myself into my to do list for the week. Reality is, I come home from an eight hour day, run a few errands and then change into my sweats and get caught up in watching my favorite TV shows off of Netflix. Which is funny, because I am not much of a TV person.

I have found that I am amazingly exhausted this week after spending these last few weeks, getting ready for the holidays, going to school, working, it was all a little too much.

Needless to say my week off is becoming an unproductive week. I don’t do unproductive well. I was tempted to call in sick today at work, just to have a whole day dedicated to getting my to do list done, though I realized that would be very irresponsible of me, so I went to work.

Here are my “projects:” I have my best friends Christmas present that needs to be finished by mid January since that is when I am heading to her house to do a late gift exchange. I need to finish my husband’s scarf because he called dips on my first ever knitting project. My sister would like a dark purple one when I am done with that. I have a folder full of art and crafts projects I am going to work on once I don’t have three projects going at once and my scrap booking hasn’t been touched in over a year. I need to make the office a little more manageable, I have homework, finals coming up and some pants to hem/sew buttons back on. I also need to upload music unto my mp3 player, smog my car and figure out why my power source in my car isn’t working.

My grand idea of getting these projects done and getting some down time, well it isn’t becoming a reality. The only thing I have been able to do is ride my bike everyday this week, except for yesterday due to grocery shopping and a Joannes trip for a storage bin for the Christmas stuff.

Wish me luck. I have one and a half more days left of the week and a three day weekend off of work (though I have to be back at school on Monday), lets hope I can manage to finish my to do list and not feel like this week has been one big waste.

Anyone else enjoying some time off?


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