Christmas zombie…

I resemble something close to a zombie. My feet are scuffling on the ground and when asked to respond to something I give a blank stare and a loud, “UUUUNNNNNNGGGHHHHHH!”

Yep, told you, zombie.

Due to Christmas, my days have gotten even longer and I have found that for two weeks I haven’t been to bed before midnight. Since I work full time, that means I still get up bright and early. I can feel the dark circles forming under my eyes and sometimes while in class I fantasize about laying my head on my desk and taking a short nap. If I didn’t snore, loudly, I might actually do it.

The only time I stop moving anymore is when my head flops on the pillow. Funny enough, that is the only time I see my house anymore either. The cat has taken to jumping on me and staring at me with this desperate look, like he hasn’t seen me in forever.

The dishes are stacked up, there are dust/fur balls the size of huge rodents in the corners of my house, the bathroom drain needs to be cleaned out and my carpet seriously needs a vacuum. I get home, look around my house and want to cry. I am way too tired to clean it, but I can’t stand it when it is this dirty. My environment is in chaos, I am in chaos.

For the last week, every morning, my amazing husband has got out of bed, exhausted himself, takes care of the animals, picks out my outfit, warms up my car, then proceeds to be chipper while riding into work with me. From there he walks to Starbucks, gets coffee for me, walks it back to my work, walks to Peets, gets coffee for himself and proceeds to run all the errands that I can’t get to. Taking the bike tire to be fixed, paying bills and bringing me food periodically. Then he either trudges back home off the bus or waits patiently for me to get off. Still chipper as can be.

One of my early Christmas presents was a brand new, shiny, on sale bike. It has been sitting by the tree, with a brand new shiny helmet. I have been itching to ride it. I can picture me on it, riding with the husband, looking at the Christmas lights. But since it is usually 11pm by the time I get home, riding it is just not an option right now. So I sulk. Brand new bike and I can’t even ride it.

But if I can make it through today, just one more day of work, then class, I get four whole days off. Then I get a week off of school. Oh how I will love that week. So tomorrow the plan is, sleep in till I can’t sleep anymore, clean the whole house till it sparkles, go grocery shopping and then take a long ride with the hubby on our bikes. I can feel the excitement bubbling up inside of me, one more day, one more day.

Last night, after a half of day at work and a Christmas party/gift exchange, the husband and I spent the whole night Christmas shopping for each other. Now this sounds odd I know, but he likes to unwrap all the gifts I get him then re wrap them because he hates surprises, so minus well just take him with me.

I have already Christmas shopped for everyone else on my list weeks and months ago, but had forgotten to shop for the husband, whoops. After running around to Best Buy, Dimple, Burlington Coat Factory and ULTA, we got home at 10pm, arms bulging with bags.

Then we proceeded to wrap, he wrapped mine, I wrapped his and argued over the tape and scissors. Now the husband is careful, he creases the paper, carefully cuts straight lines, by the time the presents are done being wrapped, they look beautiful. On the opposite side, I cut crooked, slap a bunch of tape on it and make bulgy spots. Often times there are rips from where I pulled too hard and extra wrapping paper in areas where I didn’t cut enough. You can always tell which presents I wrapped, they are the ones that look like the UPS man kicked them around before delivering them on your front step, mangled and bruised. This is why I use bags, lots of bags.

Okay Christmas, I love you, I really do, but this year you are kicking my ass. One more day then I can finally get enough sleep to enjoy this holiday season, though I have to say, I am pretty excited about the baking extravaganza I have planned Christmas eve. This year, I am attempting fudge.

How is everyone else surviving the holidays?


7 thoughts on “Christmas zombie…

  1. We have so much in common, it's funny. Now I'm adding to the list – Loving, pampering husbands, & you & I wrapping presents horribly the same while our hubbies are perfectionists in their wrapping!!! Are you my long lost twin sister??? LOL! 🙂

    Enjoy your time off, get some sleep, have fun with your new bike & MERRY CHRISTMAS, my new cyber friend!!! 🙂

  2. @ Laura… LOL! Love it.. it is so nice to find someone so similar to share my stories with!! The fudge was amazing, so was the applie pie and peanut butter cookies. If they would mail nicely, I would probably send some 🙂 I have never heard of peanut butter blossom cookies though?!

    @FC… That is exactly my thought, four days off and I spent most of running around. But I did get Monday, Monday was my day off to laze around on the couch and ride my bike.

  3. Cooooool! Glad you got to ride that new bike yesterday!!!! 🙂

    Hubby & I love riding our bikes together. We'll have to wait 'til Spring to ride again. Rather cold in Michigan now – & for the next several months! Blah! 😦

    Those cookies are the ones you roll into a ball in sugar, bake, then top with a Hershey kiss. Mmmmm, sooooo GOOD!!! 🙂

  4. I would say it is probably rather cold in Michigan. The nice part about where I live is even the winters are pretty mild, we get down to 26 at night, but during the day it is still decent. It is during the summer that it gets hard to ride, especially when it is 100 plus.

    Okay now I am going to have to try those cookies, they sound amazing!!

  5. I really hate the cold, ice & snow! I'm living in the wrong bloody state!!! But I do so love our (brief!) summers here! They're spectacular! Everyone was complaining about our amount of 90-plus-degree days last summer though, not normal for us, but I really didn't mind. Not good bike riding weather though – didn't get out much on the bikes until the Fall this year.
    I've got a great idea – let's switch homes for the Winter months! We live on a lake, so maybe you'll enjoy ice fishing & ice skating like our neighbors do! Come give it a try! 😉
    And we'll get to go bike riding in the Winter at your place – how COOL is that?! haha

    Ya gotta try those cookies! They're the BEST! Just look up Hershey's Peanut Butter Blossoms for the best recipe. YUM!

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