Week one down.. one to go…

I have made it through my first week of the no carbs and no sugar cleanse. Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale and I had lost 15 pounds. Wow was all I could think, one week and 15 pounds, I can only imagine what is going to happen in the second week. Then I weighed myself this morning and somewhere between then and now, I gained back 2 pounds. Sheesh, talk about a buzz kill.

The biggest part of this challenge has been, what to eat? And getting over feeling deprived. My wonderful chief of a husband has been creating amazing salads full of vegetables and goodies. I have falling in love with beets. We do chicken and vegetables some nights. Last night we treated ourselves by making an eggplant parmesan. Mostly we drink water, every once in awhile we throw in a carrot juice or veggie/fruit no sugar added drink. We definitely want to buy a juicer in the near future.

At work I eat a yogurt and banana for breakfast, string cheese, veggies and fruit for snacks and soup or salad for lunch. Sometimes I sit at my desk starving, some days I am fine. But the truth is I am giving my body more nutrients than I have in a long time and it is happy. My tummy aches have mostly disappeared and I feel better, less sluggish.

The conclusions I have come to so far are that carbs and sugars are okay in very small doses, but I definitely need to reduce my intake and concentrate on healthy one’s, like whole wheat. I would love a juicer to be able to make really healthy drinks. And I need more exercise (even if I have no time to do it in). It is all a matter of saving up for the bike I want though, until then I am stuck walking and doing yoga.

I hope this last week goes as well as this week!


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