Oh sweet carbs…

I know carbs are not good for me. My health condition makes carbs the evil guys and cutting back is always the biggest suggestion my doctors have. As well as cutting back on sugar. Oh but how can you live without cupcakes? Sugar and carbs combined! Oh my.

I should have realized I was slipping into old habits again when the acne started appearing on my chin, along with the ever increasing angry noises of my opinated tummy and when my work pants started to pop buttons plus feel ever so uncomfortable.

I shouldn’t be surprised, lately dinner has become whatever I can order and pick up, my husband and I are just too exhausted to cook or shop. Lunch has become whatever microwaveable thing I can throw in while I jam through homework for 30 minutes. Breakfast is a walk to the gas station and some unhealthy choices later, I sit at my desk munching away like a squirrel.

For awhile there I was carefully packing my lunch, eating lots of fruit, veggies, buying organic products. But now I can’t even remember what the inside of my favorite organic grocery store looks like.

And don’t even get me started on exercise, that is something I throw in if I have the time.

So silly me bought a scale last night, stepped on it and almost fainted. Thinking it must be rigged, I tried again, nope not rigged.

So it is time for desperate measures. A little bit of competition for two weeks, a drastic cut back on sugars and carbs.. plus an increase in exercise, is hopefully my solution!

I was already whining this morning though when I was forced to get a green unsweetened tea instead of my usual peppermint hot chocolate. Oh hot chocolate, how you will be missed!

Wish me luck and stay tuned. We shall see how these next two weeks go!


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