Christmas Cheer…

My house is decorated, the tree is bought, decorated and filling the house with the smell of pine. My husbands mini city is set up under the tree, the stockings are hung and I think my power bill is going to drastically go up for the month of December. At work I just finished decorating the front office, so it is now full of Christmas cheer as well.

I spent this last weekend shopping, I got a little bit of a loan reimbursement from my school and decided to get the Christmas shopping done and over with. This year I was organized, I had made a list in November of each person I wanted to get something for and what I wanted to get for them. I usually shop at Wal-Mart but this year I wanted to do unique gifts not cheap gifts. So I shopped around and went to the mall (shudder). But each time I got rung up at the counter I almost died. The price you have to pay to get unique gifts is horrible just horrible.

Half way through Sunday I started snapping at my poor husband, who was baffled on the sudden change of mood. It took me awhile to figure out why I was suddenly grumpy. I had intended to make presents this year but I didn’t have time to take a knitting class and knitting scarfs for everyone (like I had wanted to do) was too time consuming to try to whip it out in three weeks on top of school, work and chores. I was angry because I love giving gifts but I hate that it costs so much to do it. But after many different stores and two days, each person is checked off my list. And the husband and I will buy gifts right before Christmas (we peek and suck at surprises) but we already have lots of stocking stuffers and a couple gifts under the tree as well for each other.

I just hope now we can all get together for Christmas. Now that I spent the time and money, I don’t want to miss out on seeing every ones face when they open their gifts. And now that I finally learned how to knit, I am practicing making a scarf and plan on making unique gifts next year, homemade one’s, maybe then I won’t feel as resentful about spending so much money.

Next weekend will be spent doing Christmas cards and we are going to Christmas in Coloma on Saturday so we can check out the arts and crafts, plus get a little more Christmas cheer in our system.

But this year, for the first year ever, I questioned why I do all this. Why do I insist on a real tree, decorating the whole house, buying gifts for a list of people and sending out tons of Christmas cards? Especially since I work full time and attend school at night.

I had to think real long and hard about it. But after awhile I realized this is how I get Christmas cheer, I bake, I shop, I take the time to buy gifts for the special people in my life, I decorate, I get a real tree and I send out cards. Makes me feel warm and glowy inside because I love to give. It brings Christmas cheer to my world for one whole month and somehow it all seems worth it!

So how do you get Christmas cheer through out December (if you celebrate Christmas that is)?


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