Oh the joys of social networking…

I am starting to wonder if I am doing this whole social networking thing wrong. I think I am. I mean everyone else seems to be doing it differently.

Lately I have been noticing a whole surge of what I like to refer to as pointless updates on Facebook. It is that status updates that go like this.. “Eating dinner,” “going to bed, good night all.” “blah is making dinner, love him so much.” “going to work soon.” “doing dishes.” “watching a movie.”

I am all for updates, I love reading what everyone is up to plus I like updating my friends/family on my current situation but I really don’t want to know what you are doing every minute of every day. Don’t you have diaries for that? Or blogs?

I on the other hand carefully think about my updates, I want them honest and sincere. I re read them a hundred times, ask my husband a hundred times what he thinks and have been known to later on delete them and re type them. I take this seriously people. So when I notice there aren’t any comments or even likes, I get a little hurt. I mean, I actually put some effort into it folks, all you have to do is click a button.

Then I see a pointless posting and all these likes on it. Really? You are liking a posting that says they cooked dinner (which happens in my house on a daily basis without an update on Facebook) but you can’t like that fact that I am on my fourth 13 hour day in a row and exhausted, but excited about my Civil Litigation class? Maybe this is my narcissistic side speaking up, but um all they did was make dinner folks, I actually accomplished something.

Makes me amazingly frustrated and kind of want to just stop posting. But I can’t. It is like an addiction. I love postings but I get so frustrated when “watching insert stupid movie title” over rides my, “got an A on an assignment” or “loving my civil litigation class.”

Don’t get me wrong, I do get likes and comments all the time. But it would appear that I simply can not compete with the pointless postings.

Additionally, I love that my friends are having babies, I love kids, I am happy for them every time they pop up pregnant but seriously, I don’t want to hear about every boo boo, potty training moment and see mass postings on baby clothes, pictures and articles. Some of us are still waiting to have kids thank you. How about posting an article on something interesting for us as well every once in awhile?

Or there is those mass postings going around.. “if you are a proud mommy.. if you love your daughter/son.. if you made sacrifices to be a parent.. if you had your child young but grew up fast. Post this on your wall for everyone to see.” Okay that is all great stuff there, but where is the update that states.. “I chose to wait because I want to give my future child a good life, in order to provide properly for that said child I need a good career, so I am choosing instead to go to school over having a child young, I am choosing long nights of studying, 13 hour days filled with work and school and to raise a healthy dog/cat first before I decide it is time to finally have a kid, after discussing it with my partner endlessly to make sure he is ready as well.” Where is that update for the rest of us?

Nobody would probably like it if I posted it anyways.

And don’t get me started on the bragging posts about your relationship, omg we got it, you love him, now tell him and not Facebook every ten minutes.

So maybe I am doing this social networking wrong. Maybe I should start posting things like, “stuck in traffic.” “cat ate blinds.” “dog puked on carpet.” “husband is driving me nuts.” And stop worrying about putting intelligent well written updates.

Anyone else have a hard time knowing what to put on social networking sites?


4 thoughts on “Oh the joys of social networking…

  1. LIKE…there now there are two!
    Just discovered your blog through WOW…great read!
    Regarding social networking…I completely agree with your views! I think some people's status updates are purely for attention.

    I particularly dislike the status updates that are cryptic and cause a hundred “what happened?”
    I am mum to a 17mnth old girl and even so I really dislike the daily “My child can/is…” updates. Yeah my child did that last week, so what!!
    I have considered deactivating my account SO many times but then I'm afraid I'll get FOMO (fear of missing out) haha. If you do, I will…I'm sure it would be somewhat liberating!

    Anyhoo…cheers from your latest 'follower'!

  2. Yay.. now I really feel popular. 😉

    Thank you for stopping by to read my blog!

    I too have thought about deleting it, but alas there are family members on there I wouldn't otherwise get to hear about their going on's, we are an estranged family. But I did once force myself to not check it for a week, it felt great!

    Cheers right back at you. I love new followers!

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