A late birthday celebration…

This last weekend I spent two and a half days having a late birthday celebration. And boy it was just what the doctor ordered. I felt so burnt out this last week, it was great to recoup this weekend.

I took Friday off of work so the hubby and I could start our trip early. I made sure to do my homework Friday morning, so I could not have that worry either. We woke up early, excited after going to bed late and packed our bags. The first shocker.. it took one huge duffel bag full of clothes, one duffel bag full of shoes, one clear carry-on bag full of cosmetics and my make up bag. When did we get to the point where we packed that much stuff? How odd. I remember when it took one medium sized duffel bag combined.

We dropped the dog off at boarding (she usually gets to go but I wanted a real vacation) and the cat off with my mom so he could play with his brother. No animals for two whole days.

Now I begged the husband to let me stop at the outlet stores, I had never been and really wanted to see what the fuss was all about. So he caved, knowing we had been saving and planning this trip for almost two months. I loved it. We walked around, mosing around stores, looking at things we normally don’t look at. Like Vans, I have never liked Vans, don’t know why, but the husband wanted to go see the shoes because he is falling into the style. So we went in. I was fine, looking at the shoes, shaking my head cause I would never buy them, until I saw them. The shoes were pink, with checkers and amazingly adorable. I have a soft spot for pink and have been known to buy things just because they are pink. So the husband convinced me to try them on (I am sure because he felt guilty for the shoes he had found), once I did, they were mine. Plus how could you go wrong with a 50% off sale. You can’t. I bought my first pair of pink Vans.

After that we wandered some more, picked up a few more couldn’t resist items and headed to lunch. Of course because we took a little longer than planned at the outlet stores, we ended up hitting traffic but it was worth it.

We arrived at the hotel in San Jose, tired. Now usually I pick horrible hotels, like really bad one’s. Usually I am not allowed to pick the hotel, but this time I did. I picked a room called a studio in the Marriott. I do have to admit I was very proud when I opened the hotel door, it was clean, it had a full kitchen (oven, fridge and dishwasher included), a big bathroom, comfy bed and a big business desk. Even the husband was happily shocked and gave lots of praise. And since we had a full kitchen, eating in sounded like a good plan, plus some time spent in the hot tub was a must.

Saturday was spent happily walking through an amazing Egyptian Museum. If you ever have a chance to stop at the Egyptian Museum in San Jose.. do it! We spent a couple hours in there, wandering around, reading the facts, taking pictures and soaking in Egyptian knowledge. Next we went to a zoo and then took a nap. We wanted to be well rested for the main event, the whole reason we drove three hours to San Jose.

The Winchester Mystery House. We bought our tickets three months in advance for a flashlight tour at 9pm and a VIP haunted maze. The flashlight tour was amazing, beautiful house and baffling doors that lead to no where, doors with drops and the chimney that almost made it. The care and beauty Sarah Winchester put into her huge mansion is amazing. I could have done without so many ghost stories during our tour and a little more historical information though. The husband and I agreed, she was just sad and lonely. Maybe having the construction workers around all the time helped. Either way, the only bad thing about the tour was the drunk couple being loud and obnoxious, the kind of drunks that think they are funny.

After walking over a mile on an hour long tour, I was starting to burn out. But the screams from the haunted maze could be heard inside the house, so I was dying to see what it was all about. The maze was amazing and I will even admit, I screamed, a lot and I am not normally a screamer. It takes 20-30 minutes to walk threw the whole maze, men/women dressed up as zombies, lunatics and scary things were all over. These things jumped out at you, you didn’t even know they were there. Mostly the husband laughed, but twice he jumped as well. The funniest part, the grown men in front of us, they were so scared they wouldn’t move forward, would hide, scream and run through certain sections. Once was enough for us, though most of the younger teenagers were on their third or fourth time. Great night. I fell asleep dreaming of the Winchester House in its glory days.

Sunday was a rush of trying to get home before the vet office closed, picking up the cat, grocery shopping, making goody bags and cupcakes for work today. Where I am currently dressed up as a renaissance girl at my desk. The Halloween potluck I planned is so far a success. So far everyone brought a dish and three people dressed up. I was up late, so I am tired, but feeling more balanced after my weekend get-a-way.

Unfortunately though, I have class tonight, so tonight won’t be spent like it usually is, walking around the neighborhood, with the dog in her devils costume, looking at all the trick or treaters, instead I will be changing into professional clothes and heading to my reading/writing legal class.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


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