After a long week…

After feeling amazingly overwhelmed last week and wanting to cry most of the five days, I was glad to get two pieces of good news on Friday from my math teacher. The first one was that he wasn’t going to assign the last little bit of homework that was on the syllabus, giving us students a free weekend of no homework. The second was that I passed my test and he wasn’t concerned with me passing the class at all. Which eased my burden a little bit. Today after work I am talking to financial aide, signing my second year paperwork and taking my typing test. I just need to type 35 wpm with only 5 or less errors to pass it, wish me luck, it isn’t the speed, it is the errors I am worried about. Then on my birthday this month, I will have my second year orientation. The pressure isn’t completely off, but I am feeling a little more confident about it all.

So I decided that I needed a detox weekend. I needed fun activities and down time. The hubby has a rule, because I have a tendency to burn out (and burn him out) with my constant doing things, he has made Sunday the lazy day. We sleep in, laze around in our PJ’s and watch movies. Unless we have plans to go out of town or with a friend.

Saturday was a mixture of farmers market, grocery shopping for the new recipes we are trying this week, pumpkin patch and Halloween stores. We tried on silly masks, found huge pumpkins, saw a 1400 pound pumpkin, fed goats and just had a fun day. Then we spent the evening cleaning the house and watching a movie.

Sunday was spent sleeping in, getting iced coffees and reading the paper. Then we made waffles and prepared our first batch of minestrone soup ever, which was left to simmer on the stove all day. It made the house smell just lovely. Then we set to the task of creating our graveyard scene and it turned out pretty awesome if I do admit myself…

Then we carved my pumpkin. Unfortunately we could only do one because it turns out when you buy big pumpkins, they take a lot of work to carve them…

Afterwards we ate yummy minestrone soup with fresh french bread, baked a blackberry pie and watched a couple more movies. Sometimes you just need to add in some fun after a long week. It made it a lot easier to prepare for work and school again.

Then in two weeks is my birthday trip weekend, which will be spent sleeping in a huge king bed, eating out and getting spooked at a haunted mansion.

I am slowly realizing that when you are a student, employee, wife, pet wrangler, sister, friend, daughter, maid and auntie, it is important to also be yourself, add in some fun and realize that it is okay to get overwhelmed and indulge a little. Anyways life is too short to be stressed all the time!

Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed the rain doesn’t ruin my graveyard and for a less hectic week than last week.


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