Halloween decorating bliss…

This is just the beginning!

A graveyard theme, that is what I have chosen for my small little yard this year. The husband has assured me he can help me build tombstones, paint them and place them so they will withstand wind, rain and my dogs tail. I am also going to the Halloween Spirit store next weekend to see if I can buy one or two from there as well.

I spent this weekend getting the spider web and lights up. Next weekend is when the decorating fun will really begin.

Picture this, dark tombstones, bloody fingers peeking through the dirt and a few bones as well. A skeleton sitting in a black chair and spider webs covering the house and tombstones. Little metal fences surrounding the tombstones and a purple glow from the outside light.

This is my creepy Halloween vision for my yard. Now my yard isn’t where everyone can see, we are in the back of a fourplex. So this is mostly for me. Though the hubby and I are debating posting a sign out front saying come around back for candy on Halloween night.

The little things bring me happiness, having small projects that make an impact on my home or life mean the world to this girl. Plus I have never had a yard to decorate before!

The husbands one concern, “where the hell are we going to store all this once Halloween is over?” Where indeed was my first thought. My second thought, I will think about it later. Nothing is going to ruin this girls Halloween decorating bliss. 🙂


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