I might not be hopeless after all…

The husband is an amazing cook and the main cook in the household. He makes these amazing dishes and add’s in spices almost instinctively. He doesn’t have any training. Just years of practice cooking for a large family on a small budget. His dishes were mostly unhealthy when we first got together so when I asked him to switch to mostly vegetarian and healthy, he did, without a single problem. He can look into the cupboard and pull out all these ingredient, then make a meal. This fascinates me. When I look in the cupboard I see a bunch of random bits of miscellaneous food.

Now this doesn’t mean I can’t cook. I grew up on vegetarian dishes thanks to my mom, so I can cook a mean vegetarian lasagna and a great eggplant parmesan. I can make artichokes, soups, stews and I can bake goodies that will make you drool just smelling them.

My husband claims I am just not good at anything that requires me to stand at the oven and pay attention to it. I like to be able to walk away and do the dishes or clean up the house. The man has a point.

So I am almost always amazed at myself when I manage to cook a great meal without help. Now that the husband has class two nights a week, I am stuck with dinner. Last week was a flop. I made spaghetti. Simple right? Um wrong.

I managed to over cook the noodles and make the sauce so thin and bland, it didn’t help matters. I mixed noodles that shouldn’t have been mixed and couldn’t even stomach the meal myself. The poor husband told me I was never allowed to make spaghetti again (it is one of his specialities and he kind of took it personal that I failed so hard at making it).

So last night I stuck with what I know. I made an acorn squash with butternut squash soup. The butternut squash soup I usually make with chunks of squash and all kinds of yummies, but I had forgot to buy the ingredients so it was plain, but yummy. The acorn squash is baked with a little bit of butter and brown sugar.

I was very proud. I waited impatiently for the husband to come home and then stared the whole time he was eating, waiting for his reaction.

He of course loved it and told me so.

I might not be hopeless after all.

Side note: Day 53 of being a non smoker, $304.75 saved and I am starting to feel much better. That might also be due to being back on my mostly vegetarian diet and exercise routine as well.


2 thoughts on “I might not be hopeless after all…

  1. Ohhhh well done. That soup sounds delish!
    I love cooking and can usually make fairly frugal and yummy meals out of not much but I still have regular kitchen disasters…despite cooking for nearly 20 years!

    Last week I made the blandest pumpkin soup in history. The only way we could eat it was with a tonne of salt. Not healthy at all! Looks like I'll have to take a leaf out of your book.

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