A little bit of excitement…

Author’s Note: This post was written based on The Indie Ink Writing Challenge for September 19 – 23, 2011.  The tough prompt “A cartoon character finds themselves in the real world” came from Chaos Mandy.  I challenged Debbie with the prompt, “Summer is ending, fall is starting, tell me a story (true or false)that occurs during this time.” I struggled with this one, go easy one me!

“Now what,” she spoke out loud to herself.

She had done it. Managed to pop out of her boring, safe, cartoon world and into the real world. Maybe here she would meet a real man. Not one that was a talking animal or thought a hot date was one spent playing practical jokes on her. He never changed, she never changed, it was old news. She was bored.

She walked to the mirror and took a good look at herself. Red hair, sexy dress and a figure most woman would spend millions on plastic surgery for. The only problem, she was still the bright colors of her world. Oh well, in her experience, men didn’t care as long as you were hot and she was.

She turned around and looked at the dingy bathroom. How she had ended up in the bathroom is any one’s guess she thought to herself as she stepped out into a smoky bar and took a good look around. There were only four people, three of which were female. She could feel every eye watching her as she walked to the bar, she made sure her hips swayed a little extra.

“Want to buy me a drink,” she asked the only male in the room. The tall, dark stranger had a slight tan line on his left hand, probably where his wedding ring should sit. Oh well, minus well go all out and cause some trouble. She was tired of being a kids TV show, time to be an adult one.

The bar door opened with a whoosh and a slam that made her jump. Standing in the door was none other than her husband. The rabbit normally had a lovable expression on his face but right now he bore a menacing sneer.

“What are you doing here,” she sighed.

He didn’t answer,  he just walked towards her. She could feel her pulse speeding up, feel the anger radiating from him, she wondered what he was going to do. Who would have ever thought this adorable character loved by millions would be so possessive.

He turned and with his big rabbit foot kicked the tall dark stranger straight across the room and into the jukebox.

“Let’s go home,” he snapped.

She followed obediently, bearing a little bit of a sulk for dramatic purposes but inside she was delighted. All she had wanted was a little danger, a little bit more excitement and she had gotten it. She adored this rabbit, loved this rabbit and now wanted to go home with this rabbit. What a lucky girl I am she thought to herself as they popped back into their colorful world and walked home past the singing tree’s.


9 thoughts on “A little bit of excitement…

  1. Interesting! I liked that she was still her vibrant color when she emerged. I liked the boring, safe, cartoon world. How many of us haven't felt that way about our own lives on occasion?

  2. Ah, my first comment disappeared!!!

    I loved the words “big rabbit foot,” and the imagery of someone being kicked into a jukebox. It made me giggle. Also, channeling your inner Jessica Rabbit (redhead) is always fun.

    Good job, FASM.

  3. This was such a fun prompt and you did a great job with it. I loved that, at the end, she was who she was and that was a girl in love with a rabbit. No amount of tall, dark, handsome would change that. 🙂

  4. This was great. I loved her voice and the setting you put her in for her real world adventure. I loved the last line:
    'What a lucky girl I am she thought to herself as they popped back into their colorful world and walked home past the singing tree's.'

  5. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments! It was a great prompt and even though I struggled, re wrote and finally had to just post it, I loved writing it! The best result is knowing you all were able to see what I was trying to portray in my story. 🙂

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