Bassi Falls…

Yesterday I was able to mark hike to Bassi Falls off my summer bucket list and in two weeks I will be able to mark camping off it as well. Sadly I fear the rest of my summer bucket list will have to wait till next year since fall is sneaking up.

I am not sad though, I love fall. The crisp air, scarfs, warm fuzzy socks, sleeping with the blankets tucked around you, hot chocolate and rainy afternoons spent in Barnes and Nobles exploring new books. I love summer for the hiking, swimming, river going, camping and outdoor activities, but my favorite season is by far fall. Can’t wait.

But I lost track of what I was blogging about here.. Bassi Falls. Half of the adventure of Bassi Falls is getting there. It is an hour and a half drive from Sacramento, hwy 50 to Ice House Road past Placerville and Sly Park (where the last waterfall was). You go up Ice House road which has a beautiful view of the mountains with a tiny bit of snow left on them. Find the dirt road across from a campsite I can’t remember the name of (we stopped and got a map from the Ranger), go up the dirt road till you feel comfortable then walk to the trail head and the trail will lead you to the waterfall, which you will hear way before you see it.

I own a car, so I only felt comfortable driving part way up the dirt road. We found a nice little place to tuck the car and headed up the road. Let me tell you about this road, it is very up hill. I hate up hill. I despise up hill. But I wanted to see that waterfall. So I trudged up this long hill, sweating, my calf’s burning and stopping every ten minutes to stretch out my poor sore body. Once I reached the top and the trail, my hubby bothers to let me know that I just walked up a huge grade without dying. Once on the trail, there is more up hill because in order to go down hill first you must go up hill some more. That one I fared better. Once we started going down hill I was excited, I could hear the waterfall and hear laughter. We crossed granite and caught sitings of lizards and butterflies. Then we spotted the waterfall, this fall is all natural (unlike Sly which is man made) and huge. It lands on all these granite boulders, creating little pools where tiny fish swim and creates many many small gushing waterfalls. It was honestly beautiful.

The hubby and I traveled as far down as we could go before debris and fast moving water stopped us. The dog happily jumped from spot to spot with us, swimming at times. We found a cute enclosed pool that we managed to crawl into it to explore and swim. Finally I was exhausted from exploring all the tiny pools and hungry. So we found a shady granite rock area, layed out and enjoyed our lunch. Bad idea. To get to the waterfall you have to hike down a huge hill, which means to get back, you have to hike back up it.

By the time we started hiking back my legs were already sore from the first up hill adventure and I was exhausted to boot. This hill was a lot harder for me. I stopped a lot more often. Each time the hubby heaped lots of encouraging words and compliments on me. I almost cried at one point. I told my hubby I was done trying to get healthier but he never lost patience. He just kept heaping tons of encouragements on me, taking breaks with me, taking pictures of lizards to give me slightly longer breaks. Sometimes that man amazes me. He doesn’t expect me to be able to hike without any problems, he doesn’t expect me to keep his pase, he slows down for me, he is always encouraging me and telling me how proud he is. He understands how hard this is for me. I couldn’t have found a better partner to start this getting healthy project with.

By the time I reached the car I was sweaty, dirty and proud. I realized even six months ago I wouldn’t have done it, I would have given up half way and missed out on the beautiful waterfall. I would have turned back around half way up the first hill. But I didn’t. I pushed, I got frustrated, I cursed my body for not being as in shape as I want it to be but I still made it up both those huge hills.

My reward, an overly expensive push pop at the convenience store down the mountain a bit, a bottle of cold water, chap stick, a shower, clean clothes and an Italian dinner at a new restaurant by my work we had a coupon for. I sat at the restaurant eating chicken parmesan and chatting happily with my hubby, content in the knowledge that I did it and I am going to do it again and again, until I can do it without wanting to cry. Plus I just keep telling myself that I will have one very amazing butt and legs if I keep doing up hill hikes. 

In two weeks we have our four day camping trip that I am super excited for. I seriously can’t wait, could it come faster? Then in two months is my birthday trip, I didn’t want anything for my birthday, just a little weekend get away to the Winchester Mystery House.

I met with my Dean at my college as well on Friday, she told me all about my second year. She told me to warn everyone that I won’t be available much because the class’s are hard and you can’t fail them. If you do, you have to wait for the next rotation to come around and that could take 12 weeks or more. Scared the crap out of me because this Stats class is super hard and if I don’t pass it this semester, I have to wait till January to get into my second year again. Whew lots of pressure right now.

So I figured my camping trip and birthday trip were my last little chances of having some fun before buckling down and spending 12 months learning all the legal stuff I need to learn to be a paralegal.

Today is day number 24 according to my quit smoking app and I have saved $138. I feel GREAT!!


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