To learn a new habit…

In massage school my teacher once told me to learn a habit it takes 21 days of continuously doing that habit. After 21 days, it is set in our brains.

While researching quitting smoking, because I have to research everything, I stumbled upon many variations to this rule. Some say 21-28 days, some say 66 days, but most say 21 days.

Today is day 21 of quitting smoking according to the quit smoking app on my phone. Today I have learned to live without cigarettes. Well at least I hope I have.

I did this all cold turkey. After copious amounts of research on quitting methods, patches and gum were a no brainer, I didn’t want nicotine in my system anymore, even in a patch or gum form. I thought long and hard about the new drug, Chantrix, an anti anxiety pill but the side effects were disturbing. Hallucinations were not top on my want to do while quitting list.

While researching I stumbled upon a meditation guide to quitting. It told the reader when a craving hit to examine it, examine how it made you feel, how your body reacted to it and what made the craving hit. Look at it from a examiners point of view, then embrace it. This is what I used when cravings hit. Sounds odd, but it strangely worked. Made you more of an observer instead of being the one suffering.

While taking our nightly walk last night my husband told me he was proud of me. I gave him a funny look. He should be proud of us since we both are non smokers now.

When we have quit before, I have always slipped. The habit of smoking was so deeply ingrained in everything I did, it was nearly impossible for me to imagine coping without it, smoking had been apart of my life since I was 15 years old. My husband had only been a smoker for 6 years. Sometimes I still get panicked feelings wondering how I am going to have a long conversation on the phone without smoking. It is the one trigger I haven’t pushed myself to do except for a few short conversations.

I am amazingly proud of myself. I made it 21 days! I feel like an official non smoker!

It is also Friday which might be helping my good mood and I learned how to post comments so it actually shows my picture and name on blogs, I am a comment making, non smoking queen now!


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