The dress…

I am getting a lot of compliments and strange looks today.

Maybe it is the dress? Actually I know it is the dress.

It is a simple dress really, nothing fancy or weird. Just a cute dress with a story behind it, that has been waiting patiently for almost five years, for me to wear it again. It is a little big on me, since I was bigger when I bought it.

The last time I wore a dress it was at my moms wedding (another cute dress I can wear to work in the winter), before that to be a maid of honor in my friends wedding (still hanging in my closet and will probably never be worn again) and before that, the day I got married. Hence the weird looks. I don’t wear dress’s unless it is for a wedding.

But dress’s are fashionable this summer, so a dress is what I decided on today.

So far my husband insisted on taking a picture to document the moment and my office manager told me I looked beautiful after getting over the initial shock.

I love this dress, it drops an inch below my knees and has a flowy skirt to it. I feel sadly feminine in it. I probably won’t be brave enough to wear it to school tonight though.

If wearing a dress DO NOT……

  • Do not just walk out of the bathroom, you must check in the mirror first, which means you spend five minutes fluffing and smoothing the dress out so it still looks nice.
  • Do not sit with your legs open, one must be a lady you know (even if you are wearing boxer briefs underneath).
  • When a strong breeze comes along, do not assume your skirt will stay down, hold on tight.
  • Do not look at your legs, if you are as pale as me, just except that you are glow in the dark white and it is okay, as long as you don’t look down.
  • Do not forget that you have a tattoo on your ankle and spend the whole day hoping no one notices (which no one has, but it is a tiny one so yay).

Happy Friday everyone!!


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