Replacing bad habits…

It has been an off week. A strange week. Everyone has been in a weird mood, as well as the hubby and I haven’t been seeing eye to eye. We aren’t fighting, just disagreeing calmly with each other. Guess all the changes and new things going on are throwing every one’s system off this week.

After Sundays hiking adventure, I woke up Monday with awfully sore legs, the kind that make you cringe every time you stand up. I kept repeating to myself, “It is a good kind of sore, it is a good kind of sore,” as I hobbled from my desk to my bosses for the umpteenth time that day.

But as Monday gave away to Tuesday, suddenly I wasn’t as sore. Where it would have normally took a week to recover, it only took me a day and a half. By Tuesday I was able to take a walk with my husband and the dog.

Last night I was able to run a little. I am now alternating between walking and running during our hour long nightly walks. I told myself I want to be a runner, so I am building my knees and ankles up for it.

Well also because I have replaced smoking with baking. It is amazing how much free time you have on your hands when you don’t smoke. I use to feel rushed, complained about it often, now I am not rushed.

On the nights I don’t have school, I get home, change into sweats, play Mario on the Wii, clean up the house, help Donald cook, bake, once it gets dark it is time to take a long walk, water the plants, do the dinner dishes and go to bed. When I have school, I don’t get to help with dinner, I don’t bake, but I do still walk and water the plants. I have a lot more time to clean, bake, cook and enjoy a bubble bath.

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, cheesecake squares, raspberry scones and loaf of chocolate cake were this weeks baking experiments.

Now the bad part (I know, how could there be a bad part??) is that it isn’t helping my weight loss project. So I have had to up the exercise. I try not to eat my baked goodies but hubby packs them in my lunch.

This is why we are also hiking. I have found a few more waterfalls to hike too and the hubby has always loved to hike, so now he is looking up hiking trails near where we are camping for Labor Day weekend. We are also playing tennis on the weekends we don’t hike.

I looked down last night and said, “Wow are those my legs, they are starting to look muscular.” It cracked my husband up so bad he almost dropped the hammer (he was nailing in our screen so the cat wouldn’t push it out anymore). Feeling a little unsure, I asked if he liked muscular legs, he does, so I figured its okay that they are now starting to look like strong legs instead of chubby legs. My belly has shrunk but my chubby face is still chubby. That is the most frustrating part. I hate my chubby face. Can it disappear now? Hey it is good motivation though (sorry chubby face).

I am still amazed that I am doing it, exercising daily, being a non smoker and eating healthy (except for the baked goodies). I feel great!


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