Hiking adventure…

Yesterday I checked something off my Summer bucket list. After much debate the husband, dog and I decided to drive down to Sly Park and go find the waterfall.

An hour drive and $15 ($5 for our dog whew who can’t even go in the water) later we found ourselves driving around a beautiful and busy lake. Now one would assume that there would be signs pointing out this waterfall, but there weren’t and we ended up asking the camp host for directions. Once we finally found our parking spot (next to a fence) and ate lunch, we started out on our little trek.

Now the directions were, Hazel creek campsite, park along fence, walk trail, take left than right and it should be straight on that path. Easy enough right? Wrong. We took a left too soon, ended up hiking uphill and I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen (high elevation). We back tracked, took the other trail and finally found the right path to our destination.

There was lots of other happy hikers, some bigger like me, walking along this trail, so I felt confident in my being able to handle this hike. The truth is, I have only been getting really active in the last month, so I am still working on building up my ankles, knee’s and losing the excess weight that causes discomfort when I do hikes like this.

Luckily I have a very patient husband and a somewhat patient dog. They stopped every time I thought I was going to die, slowly walked up the hills with me and gave me the water bottle often, while heaping tons of encouragement and proud words on me.

It hurt. It was hard. I loved it!!!

My reward, a stunning waterfall tucked into a beautiful tree covered oasis.

Pictures honestly don’t do this place justice. The sound of the waterfall was ear splitting, but it didn’t bug me. I just stuck my toes in the water and lay back, staring up through the tree leaves, feeling at peace. I can’t explain how calming it was to be in that beautiful location with the sound of rushing water and laughter from little kids darting in and out of the cold water. It was amazing.

All I could think to myself was, if I hadn’t pushed, if I hadn’t made myself keep walking up the hills, I would have never got to enjoy all this.

I woke up this morning, still sore, with slightly swollen ankles and I still can’t seem to regret it. But I might need to reschedule zumba.


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