Cookies for breakfast and random thoughts..

I am eating cookies for breakfast. We are out of breakfast food, so I chose cookies. This is not healthy. I figured after walking three days in a row, long walks too and wearing heels to work today, I am allowed a few cookies for breakfast.

I heard on a TV show once, that if you can still see your toes when you are standing straight, you are doing good. I can see my toes. This excited me. And what pretty toes to see.. pink with some flowers.

I have been working hard on staying hydrated. Water has become my friend. Also breathing in more oxygen makes you slightly light headed. Guess my poor smokers lungs weren’t able to breathe properly with smoke in the way. Feels weird, but exhilarating.

I have been thinking a lot about competing with our peers. What makes us feel the need to compete or show off our lives to the people around us? Even to the people we call friends. This came around because one of my friends is taking everything we use to talk about, all my dreams I discussed with her and making them her own.

Let me explain, I don’t have proof, but I remember telling her things and now she is doing them. Not exactly in the way I would have done them, but similar. Too similar. I have pretty good intuition and my intuition is telling me for some odd reason it has become a competition on her side.

Sometimes I use people as motivation but I don’t think I compete with people, especially my friends. I am baffled. Feels a little personal. I am choosing to ignore it. What else can I do? I am my own person and no matter what, this person will never be able to be me. Silly really. 

I like my life. Last night I was sitting in my little garden, smelling the basil, enjoying the slight breeze, after a long walk and that was the thought that crossed my mind, I like my life. It isn’t perfect, but I am working really hard.

My pants are getting loose. I hope this is a good sign. Guess not if I keep eating cookies for breakfast!



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