The end is in sight….

I am a college student, as well as a full time worker bee and a wife/pet mommy. For the last year I have been revolving my life around my career. Taking an entry level job, so as to gain experience in my field, while attending classes at night. I have had to make sacrifices, less time with my family and friends, less time doing fun things and enjoying being young. As well as the sacrifices made by my husband, who now does the bulk of the cleaning, cooking and taking care of the animals. Some days I have wanted to give up. I even took some time off of school. But somehow I keep putting one foot in front of another.

I noticed on my class schedule that I was only taking one class this next semester. So I talked to my Dean. She told me some wonderful news. It is the only class I need to be able to start my second year. My first year is all my general ed courses, which to be honest are kind of boring. My second year is all my legal classes, which of course is what I have been waiting for patiently (or maybe impatiently). And if everything goes according to plan, my graduation should be in October 2012!! I almost cried, tears of joy of course.

I can’t explain to you why this means so much. Some how in the back of my mind I knew I was going to graduate eventually but for some reason I just never thought I would get this close. The end is in sight and I feel more motivated than EVER to get that degree. I want to tell everyone in the world, scream it on the roof tops, I am so f*&^$#@ excited!!

Now I know I am not there yet. But to get this close, well it makes getting my degree seem real to me somehow. And I know people get degree’s everyday, but I somehow managed to battle a health condition, a full time job, a home life and still managed to pull good grades, in my eyes that is an accomplishment to be proud of.

For now I am proud.


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