My new love for food…

Every Saturday I crawl out of bed at 8am. I rush through my shower, dress in comfy clothes, grab my reusable bags and head down to my local farmers market. It has become my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings. I love the smells of the fresh vegetables and fruits, the noises and the sight of all that fresh produce just waiting to go home and become a meal.

I have a system. First is my strawberry lady. Her strawberries are so juicy and sweet. She knows me by sight now and greets me warmly. Then I head over to the plums, nectarines and other pitted fruits stand. The girl is young and very nice. Always offering me samples. I try to pick something new up as well as my usual. This last time it was white apricots. Then it is the avocado guy, tomato guy and cherry guy. Once a month I buy olive oil and I have learned never to buy cucumber from the carrot guy. Sometimes the bell pepper guy has a sale, everything is a $1, but that is only when he is running low. It takes my husband and I at least 30 minutes to get through the crowd of people to claim our produce and head back to the car.

Then it is off to my new found grocery store. It isn’t a big one. But they sell mostly healthy choices, even glutton free and mostly cholesterol free. Their corn is wonderful. I usually pick up flowers there as well as the staples for the week. Since my husband and I started shopping week by week. My grocery bill has slightly increased but I am in love.

Once we get our bounty home I lovingly make a place for it all in the fridge. My husband and I chat excitedly about what we are going to cook this week.

This has become the most exciting part of our week. Is that sad?

What isn’t sad though is the smells and tastes. Fresh fruits and vegetables¬†are one of the best things I have ever tasted. I love packing fruit in my lunches for work and salads with fresh ingredients. I have discovered food. Good food. I feel better. I have more energy. And according to my husband I am looking thinner.. now he might just be telling me that so I don’t get frustrated but then again maybe I am!


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