Summer bucket list..

I need more fun in my life. I need to get out there more and get engrossed in the world around me. I spend far too much time at a desk with a computer and horrible florescent lights above me. I need the sun, mud, dirt, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, culture, paintings, Broadway plays etc etc. So in the middle of my woe is me fit.. I decided that I just needed to have more fun and complain less. What better way to remind me then a bucket list hanging on my wall.

Summer bucket list…

  • Visit Sly Park Falls (waterfall) and hike around the lake;
  • Visit Bassi Falls to see the beautiful 109 ft cascade plus the scenery;
  • Visit the aviation museum on McClellan Air Force Base;
  • See the new exhibit at the Crocker Museum;
  • Go inner tubing;
  • Camping;
  • Lay in the green grass and read my book;
  • Take a day trip to a little town and find a museum to visit;
  • Do a wildflower hike and gold panning at Bridgeport;
  • See Oliver at the Broadway theater in July;
  • See Shrek for an early birthday present at the Broadway in September;
  • Visit Sunsplash Goldfland and play on the slides.. the night slides!
  • Visit the California Railroad Museum again;
  • Go to the Zoo;
  • Go to Six Flags! (Mainly for the animal shows).

So there it is. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself so I put what I thought I could manage this summer. In between I will be visiting the Farmers market as much as possible and finding new places to hike.. turns out there are a lot of waterfalls and beautiful scenery an hour away that I didn’t even know about. 🙂

If anyone wants to join me for any of it.. let me know!!


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