Letter to 2011 me!

I do this daily challenge thing for fun, it emails me every morning and I religiously check it than perform the action. It is usually silly things like, stretch your legs, sing out loud to relieve stress, wear a color you look great in, find a new fruit at the store… you get the point. Yesterday though it had an interesting one, it said to write a letter to 2011 me from future me, write about the dreams you want to accomplish now and where you think you will be.

At first I wrote a silly three sentence long note, but after re reading it and re reading the daily challenge, I realized I wasn’t actually following the directions well. I decided to hang my letter on the wall, so I could look at it everyday and remind myself of my goals. Motivation always helps!

So here it is, my letter, edited of course for privacy reasons, but you get the idea:

June 21, 2011
Dear 2011 me:
I know it all felt overwhelming when you started making all these changes, I know how depressed you got and at times you wanted to give up. You have had really cranky days and days where nothing felt right. I just want you to know why you didn’t give up.
School- It was hard, you didn’t want to work 8 hours than trek to school. You hated sitting in class and filling up your spare time with homework, but you did, you pushed through. The pay off? Well you got your AA. You make good money and you no longer wonder how your bills are going to get paid. You have good credit, a nice car, savings, retirement and you are a homeowner. That is why you spent so many evenings after work going to school. Keep going, keep pushing, it pays off, trust me. Even if it is hard to see right now. Plus you can afford to travel now; we have been to Ireland, London, Hawaii and on a cruise to Mexico. Hang in there; you have a lot of living to do once you graduate.
Health- At first the exercise was hard, your knee’s hurt, your ankles throbbed and you often lost your breathe. Going mainly vegetarian, only allowing yourself healthy food, cutting sweets/soda/fast food and exercising regularly, it helped a lot. It was all worth it, you started feeling better, your body started to regulate and you had energy again. Remember to try really hard to get a good night’s sleep, remember to not let yourself slip and remember you are important and even though it takes a year to lose a lot of the weight, it was well worth it. All those nice clothes you use to drool over, well now you wear them, losing the weight wasn’t easy, but don’t back down, step up to the challenge. Oh and the most important thing, you are a non smoker now. We don’t smoke at all, and we haven’t for a long time. It seems hard, but putting yourself first means no smoking. You hated smoking anyways. You can breathe now, your lungs have fully healed and you no longer want one, you haven’t for a long time.
Home- Remember patience and kindness. You will have kids by the way, maybe not in the way you expected, but you will have them. They will light up your world and be well worth the wait. You will be a good mom. They will be beautiful and you won’t regret how long it took. We will never buy a minivan. But you do get your Land Rover SUV.
I know, it all seems like it is very far away right now and sometimes it feels like you aren’t moving fast enough, but be patient. Keeping moving forward and putting one foot in front of the other. All your hard work will make it worth it. Keep living, enjoy life and don’t give up!
Love yourself!
Love, ME in the future

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