The house of fat!

My whole house is fat. This cracks me up.

I have always been chubby, my husband fluctuates and the kitty loves his fatness. Personally though, the cat is adorable fat, he lays down with his big belly in the air, demanding that his chub be rubbed. Sometimes I wish it were that easy for humans. Wonder what people would think if I just rolled over and demanded my chub be rubbed? Umm.. probably not a good plan.

I guess the biggest shocker is the dog is fat. She has always been slim, sometimes too slim. She would walk around our house with her ribs showing, gaining jealous glares from me, extra feedings from my husband and a few smacks from the cat. Up until now.

We moved, to a smaller place and that is when we noticed she had love handles. At first I was worried. Now I am just amused. For the first time since we got her six years ago she is waddling around with the rest of us in the house, huffing out of breathe and hating the heat.

The only problem with this, she snores, loudly and we get the fat dog talks as well as the fat cat talks from the vet now.

Maybe more walks are in order, this could fix the fat dog and human problem.. but not the fat cat problem. Hmm.. I think he likes being fat anyways.


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